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Mon 2/19/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: National Treasures
Mon 2/19/18 9:30AM WAITLIST PK/K: FOREST Friends
Mon 3/26/18 9:00AM Gr 4-6: High Flying Adventure!
Mon 3/26/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: A Forest for the Trees
Mon 3/26/18 9:30AM PK/K: I Only Have Eyes for You
Tue 3/27/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: Unbearably Fun!
Tue 3/27/18 9:00AM Gr 4-6: Mammalia Aparecium!
Tue 3/27/18 9:30AM PK/K: The Nose Knows
Wed 3/28/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: Bird Brains Unite
Wed 3/28/18 9:00AM Gr 4-6: Beware of Dragons!
Wed 3/28/18 9:30AM PK/K: Claws and Paws
Thu 3/29/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: Something’s Fishy
Thu 3/29/18 9:00AM Gr 4-6: No Backbone No Problem
Thu 3/29/18 9:30AM PK/K: Heads or Tails
Fri 3/30/18 9:00AM Gr 1-3: Rainforest Ride
Fri 3/30/18 9:00AM Gr 4-6: Things Looking Fishy
Fri 3/30/18 9:30AM PK/K: Spots, Stars and Stripes