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Mon 2/18/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Captivating Creatures
Mon 2/18/19 9:30AM PK/K To The Trees group 1
Mon 2/18/19 9:30AM PK/K To The Trees group 2
Mon 3/25/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Extreme Forests
Mon 3/25/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Mon 3/25/19 9:30AM PK/K Moose Don't Eat Muffins
Tue 3/26/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Safe Secrets
Tue 3/26/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Extreme Parents
Tue 3/26/19 9:30AM PK/K Pigs Don't Eat Pancakes
Wed 3/27/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Extreme Defenses
Wed 3/27/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 How To Be Discreet
Wed 3/27/19 9:30AM PK/K Mice Don't Eat Cookies
Thu 3/28/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Use Your Eyes and Ears
Thu 3/28/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Extreme Diets
Thu 3/28/19 9:30AM PK/K Cats Don't Eat Cupcakes
Fri 3/29/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Extreme Worlds
Fri 3/29/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 The Proper Tools
Fri 3/29/19 9:30AM PK/K Dogs Don't Eat Donuts