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Fri 11/29/19 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Animals in Action
Fri 11/29/19 9:30AM PK/K Frog & Toad
Thu 12/26/19 9:00AM WAITLIST Gr 1-3 Travel Below
Thu 12/26/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Gee, Haw, Mush!
Thu 12/26/19 9:30AM PK/K Frozen Dinners
Fri 12/27/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Gee, Haw, Mush!
Fri 12/27/19 9:00AM WAITLIST Gr 1-3 Travel Africa
Fri 12/27/19 9:30AM PK/K Arctic Attire Group 2
Mon 12/30/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Gee, Haw, Mush!
Mon 12/30/19 9:00AM WAITLIST Gr 1-3 Travel Tropics
Mon 12/30/19 9:30AM WAITLIST PK/K Splash into
Tue 12/31/19 9:00AM WAITLIST Gr 1-3 Travel Near
Tue 12/31/19 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Gee, Haw, Mush!
Tue 12/31/19 9:30AM PK/K What's on your head Grp2
Mon 1/20/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Amazing Animal Adventur
Mon 1/20/20 9:30AM PK/K Cool Critters Group 2
Mon 2/17/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Animal Olympics
Mon 2/17/20 9:30AM PK/K Loveable Lemurs
Mon 3/23/20 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Biodiversity
Mon 3/23/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Play All Day
Mon 3/23/20 9:30AM PK/K Mossy the Box Turtle
Tue 3/24/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Be A Groupy
Tue 3/24/20 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Endangered Animals
Tue 3/24/20 9:30AM PK/K To Africa and Back!
Wed 3/25/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Bird is the Word
Wed 3/25/20 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Animal Habitats
Wed 3/25/20 9:30AM PK/K Residents of Rainforest
Thu 3/26/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 The Cool Parents
Thu 3/26/20 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Invasive Species
Thu 3/26/20 9:30AM PK/K Animals Should Never
Fri 3/27/20 9:00AM Gr 1-3 Learning Animal ABCs
Fri 3/27/20 9:00AM Gr 4-6 Wildlife Rescue
Fri 3/27/20 9:30AM PK/K Do Not Feed Wild Animals